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Need more fonts? Need more than fonts?

We’ve got you covered with services built for agencies and brands.

Buying fonts one at a time, as you need them, works in some cases. But if you find yourself licensing fonts frequently, or if your font library is getting large and more difficult to manage with each purchase, it may be time to rethink the way you source fonts.

Monotype offers a range of services tailored to creative teams at agencies, small- or medium-sized companies, and global enterprise brands.

For access to a huge font library + simple font management.

Mosaic is a cloud-based font solution that allows you to easily organize, access, and manage your font library, including third-party fonts (i.e. not licensed from Monotype).

Explore Mosaic

For guidance on choosing fonts for your brand.

The Monotype Studio offers a range of services for brands looking to develop a strong type strategy.

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For support of fonts in devices.

Monotype can help you deliver crisp, legible fonts on nearly any screen while ensuring a high level of performance. Our team specializes in automotive use cases such as in-dash screens and infotainment systems and global text rendering, but has solutions for nearly any embedded environment.

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