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Erik Spiekermann On Fonts* On Deutsche Welle TV

by Yves Peters

This is a little unfortunate. I saw this video when it appeared in Edenspiekermann’s news section, but didn’t report about it because it was originally posted in German. I hadn’t noticed that a little later that same day a dubbed English version was posted as well. Deutsche Welle TV, Germany’s channel for viewers abroad, filmed an interview with Erik Spiekermann – typographer, information designer, and founder of this incarnation of The FontFeed – for their programme euromaxx.

Typographer and communication designer Erik Spiekermann on Deutsche Welle TV
from Edenspiekermann on Vimeo.

This interview clearly is an entry-level piece for the layman. The video does a very good job at explaining some basic typographic concepts. While theoretically I don’t approve how the word “font” is used throughout the segment, I agree it is the best solution in this specific case. The general audience is most familiar with this term in relation to (digital) typography. And no, I am not being elitist nor patronising; I just prefer using correct terminology.

Is it just me, or does “euromaxx” sound like a publisher of European porn? That name sounds a bit icky.

Source: recovered from FontFeed

* * *

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