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FF Attribute

December 11, 2017 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

The latest addition to the FontFont family is a monospaced beauty, say hello to FF Attribute.

FF Attribute by Viktor Nübel started out for use in a code editor, yet the final design is just at home in a multitude of projects. The family has seven weights from Thin to Black and two styles, a real monospaced version and a proportional one. The proportional version retains the character of the monospaced font but ensures that letters such as ‘m’ and ‘w’ sit more comfortably.

You can get 75% off all FF Attribute packages until January 27, 2018.

FF Attribute is already in-use over on TYPO Labs. The next TYPO Labs will take place April 12–14, 2018. Created for developers by developers, the third TYPO Labs will cover the full stack of font developments, including OpenType Variation, CJK deployment and type challenges in the field of VR and AR.

Early Bird Tickets are available until December 31!

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