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Flashback Friday | FF Videtur

July 21, 2017 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

We’re opening up our typographical treasure trove this week and taking a look back at the highly unique and individual design that is FF Videtur™.

Released back in 2013, the design of FF Videtur was based on the bitmap fonts that were created by one of East Germany’s most legendary designer’s, Axel Bertram. Bertram created a series of bitmap fonts for the state television broadcaster in East Germany (GDR-TV) during the 1980s. Fast forward over two decades later and with a helping hand from Andreas Frohloff, the whole character set was completely re-drawn and reinvigorated. The best characteristics of the earlier forms were kept but the typeface’s vertical proportions, serif shape, and stroke contrast have been carefully reconsidered. At first glance it has a very workman-like appearance, yet underneath lie many warm humanist features.

FF Videtur’s four weights support the Latin-based European languages. In addition to both lining and oldstyle figures with proportional and tabular spacing options, the fonts include smaller-sized figures for fractions, scientific inferiors, and superiors, as well as a series of arrows, symbols, and ornaments.

There’s a fascinating article over on I Love Typography all about its history.

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