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FontCast #18 — John Hudson

by Yves Peters

After an extended hiatus FontCast is back. The origins of FontShop’s video podcast go back to ATypI’s Typ09 conference in Mexico City. Stephen Coles, back then creative director at FontShop, sat down with some of the key players who were leading the way as we headed into the brave new world of web typography. This original series of video interviews was published during our Webfonts Week in November 2009. The series continued beyond these initial interviews. It expanded its scope to feature the most interesting figures in typography, lettering and design talk about their work and their passion in all of its aspects, from an artistic as well as a technical viewpoint. And now David Sudweeks, the current type director at FontShop International San Francisco, has taken up the mantle, reviving the podcast series with a first new episode.

FontCast #18 — John Hudson from FontShop on Vimeo.

At TypeCon 2014 “Capitolized” in Washington, DC, David Sudweeks interviewed John Hudson, type designer and co-founder of Tiro Typeworks. Specializing in custom font solutions for multilingual publishing and computing, John has created or collaborated on types for Arabic, Burmese, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Greek, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, IPA, Javanese, Latin, Odia, Sinhalese, Telugu, Thai, and other writing systems.

The new episode of FontCast features a first – the music was composed by FontShop’s very own Theresa Dela Cruz, Operations Director and Sales Manager at the San Francisco office, who also helped with the production.

Source: recovered from FontFeed

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