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Fonts for Earth Day

We have curated a handful of fonts for our 2nd annual Earth Day Sale. We had fun selecting these fonts, as they inspired us to learn about and appreciate our planet. As with all good curation, the selection process was uncompromisingly arbitrary. We started with passing around a list of fonts that we felt represented the earth and some of its elements like animals, flora and fauna, fire and water. Each member of the staff ticked a box next to their favorites. When it came time to narrow it down, editors Aisra Shervani and Simon Lamb looked at which ones were popular, which felt underrepresented, and took it down further to 39.

Push your creativity to the wild side

Our first set of fonts and our favorite category was inspired by animals. We felt that these fonts are suited for things like cards, posters, apparel, products packaging associated with animals and much more.

Did you know - there are more than 1-2 million animal species discovered so far with many others unknown. When you get a chance, jot down what you see around you.

Watch your designs blossom

Browse through our curated list and create your own version of beauty with these fonts. Among other things, these fonts will work well for natural and organic products, fitness centers that focus on activities such as yoga, and branding that aspires to bring out a sense of dreaminess, calm, fun, playfulness and sensibility. You can also try these fonts in stationery, menus, packaging.

Did you know - the world's species encompass nearly four hundred thousand plants. Most plant species are flowering plants.

Create out of this world designs

Inspired by the earth’s vastness, uncover your own creativity using these diverse group of fonts in your next project and create your own amazing! These fonts are ideal for medium to large sizes headlines, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, packing, festive occasions, logos, branding and creative industries. You can even try them out on your choice of maps of “The Shire”.

Did you know - there are 8.7 million species on this planet and counting as many still haven’t been discovered.

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Fuel your imagination

The words that come to mind when we think of the element fire are courageous, strong and passionate. Ignite your imagination and fuel it with these fonts to create your masterpiece. Use them for packaging, posters, t-shirts, stamps, signage, invitations, branding, speedy headlines (for example, for biker couriers), billboards and even websites.

Did you know - Earth is the only known planet where fire can burn. Everywhere else you don’t find enough oxygen for fire to occur.

Dive into your creativity

Water gives us a sense of peacefulness - the color blue instills trust. As you bring these feelings into your art, couple them with these lovely fonts to create stunning possibilities that will engage and mesmerize your reader. Go with the flow when using these fonts on posters, menus, cards, signage, packaging and more.

Did you know - 2.5% of all the water on the plant is freshwater and it is drinkable, but only 1% is easily accessible in rivers, lakes and streams. The rest of it is stuck in glaciers and snowfields.

Thank you for stopping by to browse through our collection. We look forward to your next visit.

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