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Hand-Lettered Greeting Card from Martina Flor

by Jürgen Siebert

Argentinian letterer and designer (and friend of The FontFeed) Martina Flor launched an online greeting card service called Letter Collections. Each postcard is lettered, handwritten and sent by Martina Flor. In order to promote this new project Martina will send 100 printed postcards – indeed, a physical card sent by physical mail – to people she likes, loves, knows or wants to get in touch with from around the world. Not only the language, but also the card’s design matches the recipient. Martina documents both the card and the recipient on the Letter Collections website, as well as on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Even better, visitors to the website can send any postcard to someone of their choosing with their own custom message.

Yesterday I received my card, saying “Something Wonderful is about to Happen.” It is as if Martina can read my mind, because this is exactly how I feel right now. Thank you Martina for the lovely sentiment!

Source: recovered from FontFeed

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