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Type Tips

Language support & Web fonts

Unless otherwise indicated, fonts at FontShop contain at least a basic Latin character set, allowing the typographer to set copy in several of the most common western languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, and so forth, each with supporting figures and punctuation. Pro packages, or ones marked explicitly CE, tend to cover these, plus more of the Central European languages that share the Latin script: Czech, Polish, Estonian, Lithuanian, etc.. 

Exceptions to the above rule include fonts designed primarily for use in other (non-Latin) scripts and writing systems such as Greek or Cyrillic (though these particular scripts are generally accompanied by a companion Latin). Many others however are not, including Arabic, Hebrew, Indic scripts, and character-based languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Checking the Glyphs section of each family is the best place to verify that the characters needed to support the languages for a given project are present.

Character sets for web fonts

The character set of system fonts typically covers the most important languages. As long as these fonts are used on the web, you only have to worry about whether or not the characters are displayed correctly in exceptional cases.

For web fonts, the situation is different. Many web typefaces are derived from simple print fonts that are not as well equipped as the large system fonts when it comes to language. When working on large, international projects, you as web designer must pay very close attention to ensure the fonts used cover all required languages. Here, you not only need to take the editorial section of the website into account, but also the user-generated content – comments, for example.

Before purchasing from our web shop, you can see exactly which character features the new font has. The following list shows the most important codes and the languages they refer to.

Minimal Latin (W00)

Minimal Latin SC (W00SC)

Latin 1 (W01)

Latin 1 SC (W01SC)

Latin 1 + OT Features (W03)

Latin Extended 1 (W02)

Latin Extended 1 SC (W02SC)

Latin Extended 1 + OT Features (W04)

Desktop Equivalent (W05)

Pan-European 1 (W06)

Multilingual & OT Features (W08)

Cyrillic (W10)

Greek (W15)

Symbol (W95)

Rudimentary (W90)