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Letternews: April Showers

April 09, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

This month it's raining fonts and even a foundry! Welcome to yet another FontShop newsletter. As normal we are excited to bring you eight fantastic new faces that are sure to tickle your type tastebuds. This week we are also pleased to welcome the arrival of Swedish designer Martin Lexelius, under his own independent foundry label, Core.

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Malmö Sans

Martin Lexelius for Martin Lexelius Core

An example of Martin's work, Malmö Sans, (shown above) explores the rationality of human forms, arriving at a sans full of warmth and surprise, and one that's decidedly full of Scandinavian charm.

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Guisela Mendoza for Latinotype

A cohesive yet varied assortment of styles, weights and voices, Guisela Mendoza's Boho produces an energetic texture that bounces along its baseline with a casual, hand-drawn vibrance. The set comes complete with flourished ornaments and solid dingbat forms.

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Brigitte Schuster for Linotype

Brigitte Schuster's hard-edged Cardamon™ stands with sturdy resolve, itself a study of the more memorable designs of Preissig and Menhart. The text-focused family includes small caps, multiple figure sets, and comes in four finely graduated weights, each complete with italics.

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Freight Sans Condensed

Phil's Fonts for GarageFonts

Drawn from the seemingly bottomless Freight Super Family, Freight Sans Condensed rounds out the companion sans collection, leaving behind no excuse not to fill even the narrowest of spaces with Freight. The compact humanist sans retains its casual feel with a generous x-height and large, open counterforms.

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Andriy Konstantynov for Mint Type

A design resilient to the demands of the news press, Diaria achieves a distinctive feel in text by pairing smooth, flowing outer contours with pointed interior curves. Features include small caps, lining and oldstyle figures fit to tabular and proportional widths, and broad language support, covering extended Latin and Cyrillic scripts.

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Ryoichi Tsunekawa for Flat-it Type Foundry

For a face whose weight is pushed to the absolute limit, Ryoichi Tsunekawa's Piepie remains both casual and amazingly clear given its unbelievably short ascenders and descenders. Packed with personality, the design answers the question, "What if Gill Kayo had just kept going?"

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Satya Rajpurohit for Indian Type Foundry

Initially designed to cover the Bengali, Devanagari, Tamil, and Malayalam scripts, Akhand now extends to Latin. Drawn in eight weights compatible with each of its Indic script cousins, the face with its linear strokes and compact, modular forms lends a friendly tone to the display work it was made to set.

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Graveyard Smash

John Roshell for Comicraft

With a name taken from the chorus of Dr. Demento's grotesque classic Monster Mash, this chromatic compilation continues in the vein of John Roshell's typographic work of the same name. Graveyard Smash's rough brush-on alphabet includes italics for all of its three didactically-named styles.

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