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Letternews: Five New Foundries

April 27, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

Some introductions are in order after inviting these, our latest foundries to FontShop. Get a good look at their libraries, or start here with a peek at what each is up to.

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René Bieder for René Bieder

Choplin is a robust, wide-set geometric slab, produced across nine weights, complete with italic styles. The design offers a series of stylistic alternates, good for subtly altering the tone of a textual composition, or in brand work, introducing a visual hook with a distinctive glyph.

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Veneta Rangelova for Deartype

Lifehack is a script system that covers several related and complementary styles. Like FF Eggo™, and unlike nearly any other design, Lifehack’s connected scripts cover multiple weights, both in upright and flowing ‘italic’ styles. Its non-connecting Basic and all-caps Sans styles can be mixed in to offer additional voices. Latin and Cyrillic language support included throughout.

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Kosal Sen for Philatype

Regalia takes inspiration from bold, angularly cut poster faces, the kind with octagonal round forms, not unlike John Downer’s Ironmonger or Brothers. The design makes itself some room within the genre by means of its fierce expression and knockabout fit. An additional ‘Stamped’ variant adds grit, simulating the uneven inking a flexographic press yields after a bit of wear.

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Emil Bertell for Fenotype

Finnish designer Emil Bertell has made a streak of success with his work in casual script faces. Monday sits nearly upright and communicates a mood that’s at once relaxed and fanciful, utilizing a broad set of swashed alternates and ligatures in two weights, Regular and Bold.

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Fernando Díaz for TipoType

Trasandina is a square-sided tech sans made to serve in a range of settings and contexts. While its extreme weights function best at display and headline sizes, the intermediate ones permit the family to handle serious text work, whether on screen or in print. Nine weights in all.

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