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Letternews: FontFont Release 70

July 29, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

Here’s what we’ve been polishing up lately: a real grotesque in text and headline sizes, a lettering-inspired text face made for long reads, and two new weights atop the popular FF DIN® typeface.

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FF Real™

Erik Spiekermann and Ralph Olivier du Carrois for FontFont

FF Real began as the voice of Erik Spiekermann's biography Hello, I am Erik, drawn in just two styles, one for headlines and one for text. Each meaning of the word 'real' is employed in labeling this proper, authentic and regal sans, based closely on the original static grotesques of the turn of the twentieth century. Thirteen weights each.

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FF Hertz™

Jens Kutílek for FontFont

A unique mixture of influences go into Jens Kutílek's FF Hertz, from superelliptical faces like Zapf's Melior® to German cartographic alphabets, all following certain modernist instincts. The result is a mighty and versatile text suite in six weights. One feature of note is FF Hertz's uniwidth design—set text in a heavier weight without reflowing.

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Albert-Jan Pool for FontFont

The model European industrial sans, Albert-Jan Pool's FF DIN keeps getting better. This latest update includes the addition of two new weights, Thin and Extra Light, across both condensed and normal widths, and also includes Greek support in the weights where before it was missing.


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