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Letternews: Fonts For Wedding Invitations

June 01, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

It’s June. Wedding bells soon will ring, and invitations to ceremonies and receptions take their places on the designer’s workbench, waiting for the perfect typeface …

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Greyton Script™

Gerhard Schwekendiek for ITC

Gerhard Schwekendiek’s Greyton Script is formal and fresh. Okay, not that formal, it’s a black tie with a flick and a twist. The multilinear design gives you options for getting the fit right with its various alternate forms—and includes a set of flourishes for marking the important bits.

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Georg Herold-Wildfellner for FaceType

Floriated and leafy, Weingut’s basic English script structure is suggested by the placement of tiny leaves and vines. It’s a chromatic design, so you can easily add an overlay in a separate color for a spark here and there in the caps. A separate set of ornaments is also included.

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Wishes Script

Sabrina Mariela Lopez for Typesenses

Wishes Script combines a playful upright script in three weights, with a sympathetic set of Renaissance Roman capitals, ornaments and border elements. Compositions made with the contrasting styles keep the tone light and approachable. Nine styles in all.

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Ramiro Espinoza and Paula Mastrangelo for ReType

Medusa is Ramiro Espinosa’s homage to 19th century Spanish calligrapher Ramón Stirling. All efforts were made to revive the life of these letters in digital type, with an unusually beautiful set of small caps, flourishing alternates and ligatures, along with flowing calligraphic cartouches.

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Zapfino® Extra

Hermann Zapf for Linotype

Zapfino was developed from Hermann Zapf’s loose and expressive handwriting. The ‘Extra’ version of the typeface includes many alternate glyphs for achieving the best possible compositions and word shapes when used in combination. There’s even a set of small caps.

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Scripts for Weddings Fontlist

Not ready to commit? Keep looking through this Scripts for Weddings fontlist for a broader selection of script faces we didn’t have room to mention, compiled by our own Alexander Roth.

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