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Letternews: New Foundry - The Foundry

June 03, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

With the start of June, we’re delighted to welcome not only the sunshine but also a brand new foundry to FontShop; as well as some beautiful new additions from the likes of Hoftype, Sudtipos and Fountain.

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Gratitude Script

Alejandro Paul and Kathy Milici for Sudtipos

This lighthearted script comes from the collaboration of wedding calligrapher Kathy Milici and script type master Ale Paul. Get the Script and Ornaments in both rough and smooth cuts, plus a set of catchwords (rough only). Get it at 35% off before June 19th, 2015.

Shop Gratitude Script

Bruhn Sans

Peter Bruhn for Fountain

Okay, this is a special one; Particularly to those of us who knew Peter and can't believe he's passed. Friends and fellow type designers Rui Abreu and Göran Söderström finished the work Peter started in this characteristically Scandinavian draftsman sans. Continue reading at FontShop News.

Shop Bruhn Sans

Mangan Nova

Dieter Hofrichter for Hoftype

Rather than signaling a sequel, remix, or reinterpretation of the original, the Nova in Mangan Nova designates a complementary iteration to be used, as the situation permits, together with the slightly wider-set, more exotically stressed Mangan. Get the Light weight free.

Shop Mangan Nova

The Foundry

David Quay and Freda Sack

As one of the most groundbreaking and innovative foundries of the digital age, we are over the moon that David Quay and Freda Sack's The Foundry has joined FontShop. They started releasing original typefaces back in the early 1990s, alongside the likes of Emigre and FontFont, as pioneers in what was then new and uncharted territory. We are über excited that they are now part of the family. View The Foundry on FontShop

Vote for FontShop!

Following the recent TDC Award and European Design Award for the new website, we are delighted to have been nominated for the highly acclaimed net awards 2015 in the category of 'Redesign of the Year'. We're up against the likes of the White House, Airbnb and the Guardian. You can vote for us and all the other nominees online, it's really quick and easy!

A round of applause for well-rounded type talent – Part 3

Ferdinand Ulrich's in-depth study on Rounded Fonts provides a thorough historical background on this trend and assesses the use of rounded and round type as a problem solver for today's technological challenges. Catch up on Parts One and Two and read the final installment, Part Three.

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