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Letternews: November Arrivals

November 11, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

Tantalizing full-featured scripts from Laura Worthington and Sudtipos, plus Dalton Maag tests our notions of what the geometric sans should look like, and more.

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Laura Worthington for Laura Worthington

The expressivity of Beloved’s flowing script is refocused in its tight lines and nearly monolinear forms to create a bright finish. In addition to flourishing ornaments, the set also includes a complementary sans, with both script and sans in regular and bold weights.

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Olivier Gourvat for Mostardesign Studio

Strato Pro marks Olivier Gourvat’s entrance into traditional text face design. The family features a rationalized axis and relatively high contrast throughout, with a selective set of stylistic alternates and discretionary ligatures that allow the typographer to adjust the tone.

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Bruno Mello for Dalton Maag

In three parallel sets, Bruno Mello’s Objektiv illustrates a spectrum of geometric sans forms from most ‘constructed’ to most optically corrected and humanized. The degree of change between each is most noticeably seen in text, progressing from jarringly dynamic to calm.

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Merengue Script

Panco Sassano and Alejandro Paul for Sudtipos

Panco Sassano and Alejandro Paul’s latest collaboration is a sensational and versatile upright script made to have presence in packaging design. The face confidently sets both running and disconnected script, and offers a range of alternates, ligatures, and initial and terminal forms.

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Dalton Maag Webfonts

This opens up a lot of new possibilites: Dalton Maag’s entire catalog is now available for webfont licensing. At checkout, just specify ‘Web’ under Formats & Licensing. All set.

Say hello to Harbor Type, Textaxis and TypeSETit

FontShop welcomes three new foundry libraries; each the work of a vigorous one-man operation. Check out Rob Leuschke’s TypeSETit, Iñigo Jerez’s Textaxis, and Henrique Beier’s Harbor Type.

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