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Letternews: Offers and articles, and thank you, oh my.

November 24, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

We’ve got a lot to be thankful for. You, our readers, and all the fantastic foundries we work with, and each other. As we are around the corner into the holiday season, we just felt we ought to say thanks. We couldn’t exist without you. And now for your regularly scheduled newsletter:

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Jorge Cisternas for Latinotype

Blanc is a humanized industrial grotesque with a wide stance and casual posture. The tension in its curves pushes outward creating high shoulders, low joins, and superelliptical shapes that relax as the styles progress from thin to black. Eight weights plus bonus inline styles.

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Gareth Hague for Alias

Sabre takes cues from the work of stone masons whose inscribed letter shapes were largely dictated by their medium and process. Bear in mind that while these forms are highly graphic at large sizes, they’re also strong forms that reduce nicely at and below 6–7 points.

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Latinotype Team for Latinotype

If a straightforward condensed sans isn’t enough fun for the particular typographic exercise you had in mind, remember that Latinotype’s Titular comes with a matching set of alternate fonts full of stacked ligatures, curvy tails, bouncy closed loops, and other stylistic variants.

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Jose Luis Vivas and Alejandro Paul for Sudtipos

José Luis Vivas creates a fresh view of Eastern culture with Salamat, an expressive brush script developed while visiting Asia, most notably the Philippines. Together with Alejandro Paul, the pair worked to adapt the original artwork into a typeface full of life, ligatures, and alternates.

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Balboa Plus

Jim Parkinson for Parkinson Type Design

Balboa Plus is the chromatic cousin to the Balboa family, a compressed gothic in four stacking styles: Primary (outlined casting a shadow), Inline, Gradient, and Fill. Typographic poster compositions come alive in it, and like all of Jim Parkinson’s faces, it lends a warm touch.

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Dalton Maag for Dalton Maag

Setimo is the perfect example of doing a lot with a little. Within a range of just three weights, the face comfortably accommodates the setting of both headlines and body text. Its simple, unencumbered forms remain just distinctive enough to project solidity and sophistication.

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Marconi Lima for Typefolio

Marconi Lima’s Petala Pro is marked by subtle increases in weight at its extreme ends, clearly reserving its Regular and Italic for the heavy lifting in text. The fine graduations allow the typographer to precisely dial up the density in display settings. Nine complete weights.

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At Home With eBoy

If you’ve never heard of eBoy, they could easily become your new favorite digital artists and toymakers. Let us introduce you by way of interview to the three-piece phenomenon with some background on how they got started, what inspired their pixel font designs, and what they’re doing now.

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Take a Closer Look at the Eric Gill Series

What’s new in Gill Sans® Nova? See for yourself with before-and-after images and commentary, along with comparisons of previous versions of Joanna® to the new and much improved Joanna Nova.

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