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Letternews: Put your hands together for the new: FF69!

April 30, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

It's been a busy and productive winter at FontFont. Now with the daylight hours restored and the trees in bloom, we emerge from behind our sketch pads and computers with the first fruits of the season, a new versatile branding typeface from Aad van Dommelen called simply FF Aad™, the new casual connected script family FF Eggo™, and extensions to the popular FF Mark®, FF Yoga®, and FF Yoga Sans font families.

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FF Aad

Aad van Dommelen for FontFont

A spare and nearly spurless sans, FF Aad creates a forward-facing feel with an intense texture. A capable text face in its interior weights and made for larger work at its extremes, FF Aad comes prepared to make a strong statement in branding applications large and small.

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FF Eggo

Łukasz Dziedzic for FontFont

Łukasz Dziedzic builds flexibility and range into everything he touches. His large type families FF Clan®, FF Good®, and FF More® certainly attest to this. So when asked by a friend and grocer for something scripty to use in his store, this casual, loose calligraphic script that is FF Eggo was brought into existence, all five weights and ten styles of it including a real rarity for script … italics.

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FF Mark Ultra

Hannes von Döhren, Christoph Koeberlin and the FontFont Type Department for FontFont

This typeface goes to eleven. Adding the final style, Ultra, to FF Mark required drawing the weight from scratch, since under such extreme conditions a completely different set of solutions is required. Packing serious punch, Ultra achieves maximum density while remaining part of the family.

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FF Yoga superfamily

Xavier Dupré for FontFont

"To be really versatile—a type family has to span a wide range of weights," FF Yoga designer Xavier Dupré explained in a recent correspondence interview. In sans and serif, the now superfamily builds on the previous versions made primarily for book work, adding Hairline, Thin, Light, and Medium weights.

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