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Letternews: Revivals, revisits, revisions

July 09, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

These July selections remind us there’s nearly as much newness to be found in doing an old thing well as there is in doing a new thing first. Perhaps more even.

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Toshi Omagari for TypeTogether

Marco offers a fresh perspective on the Venetian (or Aldine) letter—warm, but not overwarm on the page, full of sharp details, and fully suited to setting long text. Like the scholar printers of the era, Marco speaks Greek, as well as Latin- and Cyrillic-based languages, and comes prepared to do serious book typography.

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Dieter Hofrichter for Hoftype

Dieter Hofrichter draws from the prototypical humanist sanses of Johnston and Gill, adjusting the proportions to meet more contemporary views of how a sans ought to behave. Compare for example the width of the Roman to its italic. Eight full weights—get Halifax Extra Light free.

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Stefan Hattenbach for PsyOps Type Foundry

Though it undeniably makes a strong reference to Weiss Antiqua, Stefan Hattenbach's Anziano possesses a quieter texture, with more thoroughly harmonized character widths and unified glyph details. Made for text, the face packs its features into a focused range of weights: Regular, Italic and Bold.

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Campaign Grotesk

Mark Caneso for ps.type

Playing up the more idiosyncratic parts of the English Grotesque, Mark Caneso's latest incorporates exuberant curves, subtly curled terminals, and rare forms such as its upright looped k. The family covers six weights, each complete with an optically corrected companion oblique.

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HVD Fonts – Now available for the Web

The entire HVD library is now available for web licensing here at FontShop. Just select 'Web' under Licenses and Formats at checkout, and proceed from there.

OurType updates

Because OurType bundles just about every format you could possibly want under a single license, work often continues after a family is initially released to meet the requirements of customers and to provide general refinements in rendering. This update includes manually hinted TrueType fonts of Fakt for Web use, as well as a number of other visible and invisible improvements to the Fakt, Fakt Soft, Fakt Slab, Alto, and Alto Mono families. Find these and the rest of OurType's library exclusively at FontShop.

Improved User Navigation

Since its launch last year,'s designers and developers haven't stopped improving the user experience. We think that's one reason they picked up these awards and are presently nominated for Redesign of the Year at the Net Awards! Lately they have been concentrating on the user navigation. Care to run through the new features with them?

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