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Letternews: Rounding Up

October 05, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

What is it about rounded terminals that's so transformative of a basic non-rounded design? The tone lightens to one that's friendly, fun and casual. Rounded fonts seem to set aside some of the complexity of a letter shape, leaving behind just a set of simple strokes.

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FF DIN Round

Albert-Jan Pool for FontFont

Yes, DIN is technical and cool to the touch, but it's also so full of loveable quirks and strong gestures the face remains a genre unto itself. FF DIN® Round recreates one historical context of the face (routed lettering) with a result that's more sensitive to form than, for example, the more true-to-life Normalise DIN.

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Sansa Soft

Fred Smeijers for OurType

Sansa's distinctive semi-spurless design came out of Fred Smeijers' need for a good correspondence face, which its interior weights handle well, while its more extreme weights lend themselves to more readily to poster, packaging, editorial, and other display-focused work.

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URW Eurostile Rounded

URW Design Studio for URW

The classic 'typeface of the future' as seen through the lens of the 1960s, Eurostile continues to assert its hard-won dominance in the field of retro-futurism on car dashboards and in science fiction films. URW's recent adaptation of the Novarese masterpiece is out of sight.

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Novel Sans Rounded

Christoph Dunst for Atlas Font Foundry

Christoph Dunst's phenomenal humanist sans closely matches the feel and dimensions of its serifed predecessor, Novel, with a sturdy Roman and an elegantly compact, modestly sloped italic. The family covers six weights, each complete with companion italic.

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Proxima Nova Soft

Mark Simonson of Mark Simonson Studio

Mark Simonson hits a sweet spot with Proxima Nova somewhere between the European geometric sans and American gothic models. Its rounded variants come in four weights and with an accented Latin range that covers Western and Central European languages.

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Keep going. We suggest you start with Ivo Gabrowitsch's favorite and freshest picks from the rounded sans genre. Use them to add a subtle human touch to your user interfaces, posters, signage systems, and for that big spot of copy at the top of your responsive website.

LiveSurface Context

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Ferdinand's Rounded Fonts Series

Ferdinand Ulrich gives one of the most comprehensive (and entertaining) looks into the subject of rounded fonts you'll read. Here it is in three parts: One, two, & three.

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Type-in-use gallery feature

Add photos of fonts you see in use to our gallery. From that font family's page, follow the Gallery link on the right-hand side, and upload from there. Easy. And, check out other people's gallery submissions to get a better sense for some of the ways the fonts are used well.

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