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Letternews: The All New FF Chartwell

February 10, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

FF Chartwell®, the typeface that turns simple strings of numbers into charts, is now completely reworked, and includes six new chart styles, ready for print and web.

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FF Chartwell

Travis Kochel for FontFont

FF Chartwell isn’t like other faces in that its letters and figures aren’t intended to be displayed; They only serve as placeholders for chart and graph elements. When the ‘discretionary ligatures’ OpenType feature is enabled, simple strings of numbers are transformed, snapping into place as chart elements. Want a 60/40 pie chart? Type 60+40, and you’re there.

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FontCast with Travis Kochel

Last summer at TypeCon, FontShop editor David Sudweeks interviewed graphic/type designer Travis Kochel on how he created FF Chartwell, where he started, and what’s come of it since.

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Get the PDF User Manual

Not sure where to start? See the PDF user manual for a complete and concise guide through all of FF Chartwell’s styles: Pies, Areas, Vertical Bars, Horizontal Bars, Rose, Rings, and Radar charts, plus all the news ones: Bubbles, Scatter, Lines, Floating Bars, Floating Areas, and Floating Rings.

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ScreenCast Tutorial

FontFont also created this how-to video, stepping you through the basic functions of each chart system and offering practical advice, like how to edit the charts live in InDesign’s story editor.

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