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Letternews: The Best Fonts of 2015

February 03, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

The delightfulness of great type, carried through its forms and textures, complexity and simplicity, is to us a great source of satisfaction. Now with 2015 at a close we’re pleased to show our selections for the best of the past year, just the greats.

The Full Story

As with all good curation, the selection process was uncompromisingly arbitrary. We started with passing around a list of the year’s releases, each member of the staff ticking a box next to their favorites. When it came time to narrow it down, editors Yves Peters and David Sudweeks looked at which entries got the highest marks, which felt underrepresented, and took it down further to just 15. Follow below to see more of each one, and to learn why they earned their spot at the top.

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Where are we now?

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