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Letternews: The FontShop Plugin CC

September 07, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

Wish you had all the fonts in the world installed on your computer? (Not advisable by the way!) How about the next best thing: everything FontShop carries will be easily accessible in your favorite Adobe design apps?

FontShop Letternews

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Try fonts in Adobe® Creative Cloud®

Our new FontShop plugin for Adobe® Creative Cloud® allows you to test all the fonts on directly in Illustrator®, Photoshop®, and InDesign®. Just install it and start designing with lots of type options. Once the client has signed off, you can buy what you need straight from the extension, which takes you to the appropriate purchase page. What are you waiting for?

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How does it work?

This screencast will guide you through download and installation, all the way to making mockups that you can use on pin boards and in client presentations. Learn from the best: FontShop designers Alexander Roth and Alexandra Schwarzwald show you how they use FontShop Plugin CC in their work.

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Add pageviews as you go

A new licensing model for webfonts. You can either pay once—by first estimating how many monthly pageviews your site will receive, or with pay as you go—you just pay for a given number of pageviews and let FontShop remind you when your site visitors are getting close to using them up. This allows you to use the same webfont license across multiple websites. An economical option for low traffic clients.

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