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Letternews: The Tattoo Issue

October 14, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

A good tattoo says something. It doesn’t try to convey too much—it knows its limits. And its indelible nature confirms that the wearers have in fact committed to carry it wherever they go. Want to see ours?

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Poem Script

Alejandro Paul for Sudtipos

Master penmen of the 19th century called this style ‘Italian Hand’ due to the exotic placement of stress in the letterforms. Poem Script includes hundreds of alternate glyphs, ligatures, and flourishes, allowing you to easily produce a cohesive composition from a single word or phrase.

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Amster Versal Iluminada

Francisco Gálvez for PampaType

Drawn as part of the impressively sharp Amster super family, this set of initial caps which may be set chromatically is a great starting point for single-letter tattoos, or anything that requires a strong, if not somewhat morbid drop cap just to start things off.

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FF Trixie

Erik van Blokland for FontFont

The cheery, inky feel of hammer-struck typewriter letters in FF Trixie® leaves a broad margin of error for the tattoo artist, each slip only adding to its authenticity. The typeface additionally includes Greek and Cyrillic support, and should you need it, now also comes in HD.

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Tita Script

Daniel Hernández and Sandra Biondi for Latinotype

Tita Script captures the lyrical hand lettering of Sandra Biondi in an homage to her Argentinian grandmother and the memories that surround her. Its dynamic rhythm and bouncing baseline evoke a life content, filled with simple pleasures.

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Gábor Kóthay for T-26

Gábor Kóthay’s Gnosis reduces the complexity of the Renaissance italic to pure linear forms, creating an invigorating texture and a refreshing realization of new and old. We suggest Gnosis for tattoos in part because its letters can be laid down in a single pass.

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It's hard to know which fonts will fit the message they set, much less fit the personality of the bearer, so we hope this selection can offer a few valuable points of reference as you peruse.

Best Tattoo Fontlist

Still need time to think before committing? Take a look through our picks for best tattoo fonts and make it happen. Or better yet, use the Tryout feature to make some temporary tattoos.

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Enable Contextual Alternates

Occasionally we see designers go to the trouble of getting professional full-featured script fonts who then produce final artwork without turning on any of the features. Don’t be that guy. Learn how to set defaults the right way and use OpenType features scrupulously.

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