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Letternews: Type Digest

August 19, 2015 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

Tasty new releases from Latinotype, VLNL, a look at Neubau, plus new fontlists from our staff and the recipe to make your own. This and more.

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Sabores Script

Sofia Mohr for Latinotype

Like few in its class, Sabores Script aims for versatility, offering a spread of styles spanning five levels of stroke contrast, both in an upright, and a gently sloped connected script. The family also includes a dingbat set illustrating objects incidental to cooking and eating.

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Nota Bene

Gert Wiescher for Wiescher

Nota Bene is the tech sans sibling to the Nota typeface released earlier this year. The design features straight sides and squared curves, with additional alternates available via OpenType such as small caps and multiple figure sets. Seven full weights complete with optically adjusted obliques.

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VLNL Boulangerie

Donald Roos for VetteLetters

If you've not yet spotted the pattern among VetteLetters releases, each somehow plays on the theme of food. Donald Roos prepares the brawny yet accessible Boulangerie, a modern wood type interpretation suited to signage and display work.

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Neubau takes a systematic approach to its graphic design work, incorporating the creation of new typefaces into their process. Here is some of the work that's fit a specific need and now stands ready to meet yours.

Just a few FF Real™ posters left

There is still a very limited supply of signed posters remaining, designed and printed by Erik Spiekermann from custom cut wood type and pressed in his own Gallery P98a in Berlin. Buy either the FF Real Complete Suite, FF Real Text Collection or FF Real Head Collection and we'll roll one up and mail it to you, shipped free worldwide. Learn more about our letterpress session with P98a on

Uniwidth fontlist

Need a typeface that lets you take the text up in weight without the hassle of reflowing it? This fontlist from David Sudweeks has exactly what you're looking for.

Gorgeous Initials fontlist

Whether you need it or not, take a close-up look at Ivo Gabrowitsch's top drop cap picks, also featuring titling initials and interesting handtooled and engraved selections.

Your fontlists

Whether you're collaborating with a client, or just thinking of scratching a curatorial itch, fontlists help keep things organized and easy to share. They're also really easy to make. Just log in at, find a typeface to start things out, and press the "Add to list" button. Then select "Make a new list," give it a name, and start adding. To find all your lists, just go to your profile page. From here you can edit the fontlist description, add comments, rearrange things, and make your list public so others can see it.

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