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Letternews: Virus Fonts

September 21, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

Jonathan Barnbrook started his private label Virus Fonts in the early nineties primarily to spread ideas. His work draws from and responds to the serious issues of the day, namely: war, corruption, violence and coercion. Don’t miss Barnbrook’s talk at the TYPO 2016 design conference to learn more.

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Jonathan Barnbrook, Jonathan Abbott and Julián Moncada for Virus Fonts

Doctrine’s initial spark came with a look into the identity design of Air Koryo, North Korea’s state-owned national airline, a state that does not recognize its citizens’ right to travel. This led to a deeper study of the seriousness we place on ideas — even very repressive ideas — based on their typographic portrayal, all resulting in this five-weight squarish sans. Stencil too.

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Hopeless Diamond

Jonathan Barnbrook and Marcus Leis Allion for Virus Fonts

Aside from the obvious ties this faceted chromatic has to the famous gemstone with a similar name, Hopeless Diamond makes reference to a stealth Skunk Works project, the Lockheed Have Blue, and the F-117 Nighthawk’s immediate precursor. Its faceted design permitted the aircraft to fly virtually undetected by radar, silently carrying out the work of death below.

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Olympukes 2012

Jonathan Barnbrook, Marwan Kaabour and Jonathan Abbott for Virus Fonts

A sharp critique of the motivations and outcomes of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Jonathan Barnbrook and collaborators created this iconographic response, appropriating and revising official marks and styles to produce biting satire.

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Jonathan Barnbrook and Marcus Leis Allion for Virus Fonts

Though it could hardly be called a connected upright script, it is … because it does. Echelon is a bit of play with linear form that answers the question, ‘What might it look like if one were to write without ever lifting the pencil?’ In its Alternate version, caps connect at cap height.

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Jonathan Barnbrook for Virus Fonts

The bastarda convention in blackletter calligraphy and scribal tradition is an unholy mixing of two well-established hands, textura and cursiva. Jonathan Barnbrook’s Bastard is a digital / geometric retelling of the story, with the occasional fraktur-inspired capital. Three weights.

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FontExplorer® X

Now in its sixth release, desktop font manager FontExplorer X Pro 6 was announced last week. Updates include better research and preview tools for looking through large font libraries, and additionally, full Japanese support, including its user interface. New customers who purchased FontExplorer X Pro 5 after May 15, 2016 can upgrade to FontExplorer X Pro 6 now at no cost.

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