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On The Evolution of Type by Means of Technological Advancements and Cultural Shifts

by Yves Peters

Today, Thursday 12 February, we celebrate 200 years since Charles Darwin, one of the world’s most creative and influential thinkers, was born. His scientific ideas and their impact are honoured worldwide, like for example the National History Museum’s Darwin200 programme in the UK. The celebrations have already begun and will continue until 24 November 2009, the 150th anniversary of the publication of his famous book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. Another contribution is The HMS Beagle Project: Darwin 200 which will build a sailing modernized seagoing HMS Beagle, the ship on which Darwin circumnavigated the globe between 1831 and 1836.

The Darwin Day Celebration website lists all 663 events scheduled in 44 countries for Darwin Day 2009. It is obvious that many feel the anniversary for this great and gentle man deserves a significant celebration and a lasting legacy. This has led the Committee for the Public Understanding of Science to declare 2009 the Year of Science.

To celebrate one of the most significant anniversaries in science The FontFeed looked for something type-related*. We found it in the form of an interactive Twentieth Century Timeline of Typography. To access the timeline, select Explore the Interactive Timeline in the lefthand column, then click the Open the Typography Timeline link. Although he can’t be sure of its provenance, Jim Kidwell’s guess based on the URL is that it comes from the fine folks at Tyne Metropolitan College in the UK. It is a tad difficult to navigate, but it’s a very nice concise overview of the pertinent moments in typography in the past century. So go explore!

(*) To be honest what I really wanted to do was simply link to this bit of total and utter comedic genius by Ricky Gervais. But then I remembered the fallout on Unzipped, so I thought I’d better not.

I know I could, but maybe I shouldn’t. ;)

Although… :P

Source: recovered from FontFeed

* * *

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