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Tim Brown on More Perfect Typography

by Yves Peters

After Stephen Coles’ and my own thoughts on web type last week, I thought I’d add this video which is highly recommended viewing. Tim Brown, Type Manager for Typekit, gave an inspiring presentation at the most recent edition of Build, held last November in Belfast. Entitled More Perfect Typography, it examines how to set text beautifully, mainly applied to web typography. Set aside half an hour and dive in.

Tim Brown - More Perfect Typography from Build on Vimeo.

At long last, designers can use real fonts on the web. But what now? Where do we go from here? Tim Brown has been studying type on the web for seven years, and has lots of ideas to share. In this talk, Tim will guide you through using typographic tools and perspectives that will change the way you design websites. Typography is an ancient art and craft; we are merely its latest practitioners. By looking to our tradition for guidance, we might once more attain our finest typographic achievements in this new medium.

Besides being Type Manager for Typekit, Tim Brown studies, promotes, and advances the craft of web typography on a daily basis, and shares what he knows at Nice Web Type. Tim has written for A List Apart, and he helps web designers with tools like Web Font Specimen.

Build is a small, yet perfectly formed, boutique design conference where interesting, talented web practitioners from all over the world come to share ideas, techniques and inspiration. Some are on stage; some are in the audience.

Type tidbit – The elegant humanist sans serif used for Tim’s slides is the classic FF Scala Sans.

Source: recovered from FontFeed

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