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New Fonts: Bruhn Sans by Fountain

June 03, 2015 by
David Sudweeks
David Sudweeks

Bruhn Sans began as a single all-caps wordmark for Magnus Gertten’s Harbour of Hope, a documentary set in Peter Bruhn’s home city of Malmö, Sweden. Seeing its potential as a typeface, Peter developed the letters into a full character set, but the project would lay unfinished.

Peter Bruhn’s untimely death last year is a subject that’s still tender to many members of the type community. Peter had the rare quality of being a friend to seemingly everyone he met, a truly generous person. Knowing that Peter sacrificed the completion of his own designs to give time cultivating his fellow type designers’ projects, friends and collaborators Rui Abreu and Göran Söderström mastered the work Peter started in this characteristically Scandinavian draftsman sans.

[Peter Bruhn](/designers/peter-bruhn) and [Göran Söderström](/designers/goeran-soederstroem) putting up [Satura](/families/satura) proofs. [Photo courtesty of Göran Söderström](
Peter Bruhn and Göran Söderström putting up Satura proofs. Photo courtesty of Göran Söderström.

[link not found] The face itself achieves a carefully restrained expressiveness that’s difficult to describe. In four styles, it sets lines of display work with maximum efficiency, its forms characteristically spare and flat-sided so as to slot squarely into place. Notwithstanding its workmanlike appearance, a subtle warmth resonates throughout its texture and the compositions it creates. When used at smaller sizes, its Regular weight’s generous spacing successfully sets short bits of text. Bruhn Sans comes complete with several alternate forms for fine tuning its voice to a given message, and all the technical features that make working with it a pleasure (case sensitive punctuation, stylistic sets, etc.).