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New Fonts: Heimat Didone

December 11, 2014 by
Yves Peters
Yves Peters

After expanding his award-winning Novel family into a type system consisting of a serif, a sans serif, a rounded sans, a monospaced, and hairline variants, Christoph Dunst is now applying the ‘one form, many typefaces’ principle to his idiosyncratic Heimat.

The original sans serif, monospaced and stencil families have been augmented with Heimat Didone, a striking high-contrast serif face inspired by the grid-based letter construction of the late 1920s. The design marries the romanticism of vintage French film credit titles to avant-garde German type design. Although it is mainly intended for display, Heimat Didone can also be used in text sizes. Alternate shapes for its quirkier letter forms are provided for the less adventurous typographer.