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24 Hours Flash Sale

Fontfabric is having a FLASH SALE! Nexa along with the its perfect pairings Nexa Slab™, Nexa Rust™, Nexa Script™ or Alkes, are all 65% OFF. They are on SALE for 24 HOURS ONLY — Grab them before it's too late, shop now!


The completely refined family design of Nexa comes with an addition of one more weight—Extra Light—and its matching italic, alongside an entirely new subfamily—Nexa Text, optimized for longer text, and even a futurist stylistic set of Nexa for an alternative display look. The outcome is altogether 9 weights and 36 fonts!

The glyph case now covers not only an improved Extended Latin but a new set of Cyrillic with adequate language localization. The fluent functionality of Nexa is achieved with multiple OpenType features, such as case-sensitive forms, contextual and stylistic alternates. The standard numerals set encompasses tabular figures and symbols, superiors and inferiors, numerators and denominators, plus fractions.

The unique appearance of Nexa combined with rich variety, places it beyond the scope of regular geometric typefaces for all kinds of scales and purposes and designs that speak for themselves.

Nexa is designed by vetoslav Simov, Plamen Motev, Mirela Belova, Nikolay Petroussenko, Stan Partalev and Ventsislav Dzhokov.

Styles: 18
Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: Fontfabric

Nexa Complete Family Pack: 195 USD 65% OFF—68.25 USD
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Nexa Slab

Nexa Slab and Nexa share a solid geometric structure while offering individuality with each glyph. The multifaceted headliner with a conventional and futuristic appearance of Nexa mixes perfectly with Nexa Slab as a complementary slab serif. Nexa Slab fits impactful headlines, whereas Nexa Text is ideal for body text in editorials, UI, packaging, posters, motion graphics, and more. Both type families are suitable for strong visual identities and distinctive designs on and off-screen.

Styles: 24
Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: Fontfabric

Nexa Slab Family: 99 USD 65% OFF—34.65 USD
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Nexa Rust

Combining simple geometric shapes of the notorious Nexa and the distinctive decorative nature of the Nexa Rust family offers the contrast you need to cover a wide range of design projects. Experiment with a huge bundle of weights, unparallel degree of saturation, handy shadow combinations, quirky ornaments, and complimentary icons. While Nexa is the best font buddy for tricky paragraphs, Nexa Rust is the perfect match for any statement piece. Use the textured family’s full potential in packaging designs where authenticity and craftsmanship come to the forefront.

Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: Fontfabric

Nexa Rust Complete Family Pack: 279 USD 65% OFF—97.65 USD
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Nexa Script

Nexa Script is a unique type family with а characteristic handwritten structure. Benefit from 6 weights to craft headlines in different sizes and whip up designs for web, print, motion, packaging, book covers, and more. The geometric nature of Nexa creates a distinctive contrast against the cursive appearance of Nexa Script. Cover all complementary paragraphs with Nexa for flawless legibility, and use Nexa Script for the bigger sizes for extra oomph

Styles: 6
Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: Fontfabric

Nexa Script Complete Family Pack: 90 USD 65% OFF—31.50 USD
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A match made in typography, Alkes and Nexa offers flawless functionality and unobtrusive distinctiveness. The solid geometric characteristics of Nexa blends perfectly with the vital humanist charm of Alkes. This sans and serif pair create a contrastive bond to bring aesthetical cohesiveness to any design. The best part is, Nexa and Alkes are interchangeable when it comes to both statement pieces and tricky typesetting in editorial, web, UI with a human touch, motion graphics, logos, branding, and much more.

Alkes is designed by Plamen Motev, Nikolay Petroussenko and Kaja Slojewska.

Styles: 14
Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: Fontfabric

Alkes Complete Family Pack: 169 USD 65% OFF—59.15 USD
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24 Hours only - ENDS tonight, July 15th at 11:59 p.m. EDT!