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One City, One Wall, Two Fonts

October 02, 2017 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

The division in postwar Berlin was evident not only in the presence of the wall, the street signs on either side bore two different typefaces. As the wall came down, Verena Gerlach and Ole Schäfer captured and documented the designs and from this, the FF City Style Volume was born. In celebration of the Day of German Unity, the FF City Street Type Volume is on sale.

The original type design of FF Cst Berlin West was based on a sans serif standard from the 1930s. Verena and Ole captured the spirit of the design from the physical signs themselves and drew upon these, rather than the standard, to create FF Cst Berlin West. Striking and bold, this design works perfectly for wayfinding and brand projects alike.

In contrast to its sibling, FF Cst Berlin East has a much narrower appearance. It is thought that the original was based on a design from the 1950s. A perfect fit for headlines, packaging, and branding, it has five styles and supports up to 50 languages.

Get the complete FF Cst Berlin Type Volume for half the price until October 7, 2017.

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