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OpenType Features For Web FontFonts

January 06, 2015 by Natalie Torbett

Our friends over at FontFont are now offering their Web FontFonts with OpenType Layout Features. Read on to find out about how your typographic toolbox just got bigger and better than ever.

Oh and be sure to check out their OpenType short film the Mice, Ants and a Lazy Dog

Our friends over at FontFont now offer OpenType Layout Features with over 1600 of their Web FontFonts. What’s more they’ve updated their free Subsetter tool, so you can customize your Web FontFonts for optimum performance.

OpenType Layout Features are essentially the ‘technology behind good type’. It’s a standard font format that provides you with a typographic toolkit (layout features) to enrich and enhance type. For many years, you could only really use OpenType technology in a few selected desktop publishing applications, but the time has come to bring these features to life on the web.

With OpenType Layout Features, you can spice up your web identity through the magic of ligatures, stylistic alternates, figure sets, fractions, small caps and even swashes (if available in the font). With beautifully advanced typographic features that are supported by all desktop browsers (except Safari), OpenType gives you endless opportunities to bring type to life. FontFonts to benefit include; FF Mister K, FF DIN and FF Duper.

In keeping with these Web Font developments we’ve updated our interactive Try Out Tool so that you can already test and play with ligatures and small caps with more features to be added soon, allowing you to get the full Web Font experience before you buy.

But that isn’t all, in celebration of their improved Web Fonts FontFont created a short film showing just what is possible with the magic of OpenType Layout Features …

To see Web FontFonts with OpenType Layout features in action check out the Web FontFont Microsite.