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June 22, 2016 by
David Sudweeks
David Sudweeks

Jim Ford’s latest type family takes retro-futuristic poster lettering of the twentieth century and recreates its various styles along a streamlined typographic continuum. It’s an odd concept, retro-futurism. Its depictions of the future show us an idyllic age of scientific achievement, clean and abundant energy, adventure, leisure, and general tidiness. Using the years as a reference, Posterama’s styles represent major art movements that defined letter shapes, Arts & Crafts, Bauhaus, and Art Deco to name a few.

The all-caps series starts with a base set of ‘normal’ letters, loosely based on Paul Renner’s Futura (Posterama 1927). Alternates extend outward covering past and future movements, each marked by year, or in the case of the latter two, by cultural references named after future years. All of the styles’ hard outer contours are lightly softened, giving the appearance of lettering produced for a lithographic process. And if it weren’t clear enough by the name, this is a poster face—made to be used large and seen up close.

I say all-caps, but seeing the need for a text companion, Jim Ford also produced this set of lowercase letters and supporting characters, with caps that match the above 1927 style.

The suite covers seven weights. Emphasis is placed on the heavy end with finely graduated options for achieving just the right balance whatever the medium. Until July 20, 2016, get the entire Posterama suite for just $/€ 99. Discount will be shown at checkout.

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