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Robothon 2015 Live Stream

March 02, 2015 by
Yves Peters
Yves Peters

On Thursday 5 and Friday 6 March Type & Media, the post-graduate master in typeface design of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), organises in collaboration with several partners Robothon 2015 in The Hague, Netherlands. The 5th edition of the triennial conference on font software and font technology sold out in a mere one-and-a-half hours, but can be attended virtually via their live stream on YouTube.

Robothon 2012 crowd. Image by Ayşe Kongur.
Robothon 2012 crowd. Image by Ayşe Kongur.

What originally started in 1999 as a group of about thirty people in a KABK class room has grown into a mature, high quality conference. The triennial event boasts a roster of international speakers, and is attended by an audience from all over the globe. This year’s programme consists of two days of lectures and presentations on March 5 & 6, with a pre-conference Python introduction workshop on March 4. Since 2006 every edition concludes with the Gerrit Noordzij prize presentation and exhibition. The Gerrit Noordzij Seminar is held on Saturday March 7, the day after the conference.

[link not found] [link not found] The current edition of Robothon sold the last of its 180 tickets barely 1.5 hours after the online registration started on January 5th. Those fortunate enough to have nabbed a ticket will be able to mingle with previous GNp winners Fred Smeijers – the co-founder of the OurType foundry won the prize in 2001 – and Tobias Frere-Jones – the 2006 winner just opened for business – as well as representatives of leading technology companies like Adobe and Microsoft, and of major type software companies like Font Bureau (USA), Commercial Type (USA/GB), Hoefler & Co. (USA), House Industries (USA), Monotype (USA), and Morisawa (JP). Also present will be more than 50 alumni of the KABK. The conference is co-ordinated by Erik van Blokland and Paul van der Laan.

Robothon 2015 Live stream

If you didn’t manage to get hold of a ticket or simply cannot make it, Robothon 2015 will be live-streamed on YouTube.

Robothon 2015 Day 1 Thursday March 5
Robothon 2015 Day 2 Friday March 6

Consult the programme on the Robothon 2015 website for the exact time for each presentation.

Cyrus Highsmith wins Gerrit Noordzij prize 2015

[link not found] The Gerrit Noordzij prize recognizes those who have played an important and internationally acknowledged role in type design and typography. An initiative of the master course Type and Media, it is organised by the Royal Academy of Art and Museum Meermanno | House of the Book, under the auspices of the Dr. P.A.Tiele Trust in The Hague. The 2015 prize goes to Cyrus Highsmith, Senior Designer at Font Bureau. It will be presented by Karel Martens, awarded with the prize in 2012, and Marieke Schoenmakers, director of the KABK, on Friday March 6th, right after the Robothon conference. The event coincides with the opening of an exhibition of the work of Martens.

Gerrit Noordzij Seminar

The seminar on the occasion of the GNp 2015 is held the day after the conference. The speakers are:

The lectures will be in English. This event is separate from Robothon; you need register for the event here.

Pre-conference Python workshop

On Wednesday March 4 a one-day Python workshop at the KABK will introduce the attendees to the Python, a powerful and flexible programming language used for many different applications. It will include demonstrations of Drawbot (an application for generating two-dimensional graphics through coding) and RoboFab (a Python library for accessing and manipulating font data). The Python workshop will be hosted by Just van Rossum and Frederik Berlaen. Participation for KABK students is free, but seating is limited to 20 persons. First come, first served basis. To register please contact [email protected].