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Great Pairs

Satyr & FF Legato

May 10, 2016 by
David Sudweeks
David Sudweeks

Let’s take a look at Sindre Bremnes’ Satyr paired with Evert Bloemsma’s FF Legato: I’ll start by confessing this is a combination that type designer (and quite talented typographer) Nina Stössinger suggested to me a few years back after I published a Great Pair that admittedly wasn’t that “Great.”


Above is a collection of all the styles of each face, with the bonus single-style Faunus at the top left, a related display variant of Satyr. And you can see how Faunus maintains consistency with the text below it in the following example:

Silent and beautiful

Satyr sets somewhat wide and carries itself confidently. Where its chipped and mottled forms add age and distinction, its fit and sophisticated rhythm gives it a fresh and fervent voice. FF Legato benefits from the same concept. Its unusual forms subtly shift their stress in unexpected ways, and this serves not only to hold the reader’s attention at large sizes but also at text sizes, the noise seems to concentrate itself into a constant tone that—counterintuitive though it may be—appears to aid the reading process. Together, the two are a pair of evenly-yoked oxen, both expert at their task, and both silently and beautifully doing it.

See detail of Satyr setting body copy
See detail of Satyr setting body copy

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