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See you at TypeCon

August 11, 2015 by
David Sudweeks
David Sudweeks

TypeCon starts this week in Denver, and as design conferences go, it’s difficult to imagine one with a more inclusive atmosphere.

There are talks and workshops and forums to attend, but the heart of the conference as I see it lies in its unplanned and informal gatherings—its late night discussions and spontaneous OpenType clinics, the lunch breaks where nearby cafés and sandwich shops fill up with type industry giants and newcomers alike, and these, as ordinary folks do, sit down and get something to eat and pick up a conversation. There’s no designated place for speakers to hang out, so if one of the talks left you with a question, you’ll likely get your chance to meet the speaker and take it up with them. My first time attending TypeCon wasn’t all that long ago; it was in Buffalo in 2008. I was a young graphic designer interested in lettering and type, not even out of school yet, and people went out of their way to welcome me in, put their arm around me and ask about what I was working on and what I’d like to pursue next. And unlike any other place I’d ever been, here was one where I could casually mention the details of a particular typeface—and people knew what I was talking about and had considered the question themselves. Each time I return, I find that same energized environment. After just one, I knew I’d be back. So we’ll see you there.

[Stephen Coles](/people/stephen-coles) and [Nick Sherman](/people/nick-sherman) administer the Type Quiz at TypeCon 2014
Stephen Coles and Nick Sherman administer the Type Quiz at TypeCon 2014

By the way, this year, the things we’re helping to set up and that you should definitely check out: the Monotype Archive Exhibit in the Gallery—Dan Rhatigan is pulling pieces from the UK office to show. And, the Monotype Lounge outside the main venue hall will be set up as a place to relax and catch up, with books to read and a sampling of mobile devices that let you interact with type across different rendering environments. Come by and say hi to Theresa who’ll be there. And Ivo and I’ll be around too.