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Letternews: The Love of a Good Font

February 12, 2015 by FontShop Team

Love is in the air this month, so take a look at who we are head over heels for this week …

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Daniel Hernández and Miguel Hernández for Latinotype

Details like the splay of the upper and lowercase W, alternate cursive constructions of a, g, & y, combined with its crimped spurs distinguish Texta from other popular faces that mix humanist sans and American gothic models. The face comes in a mirrored set of regular and alternate forms, in a full eight weights.

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Dieter Hofrichter for Hoftype

Dieter Hofrichter continues to push the traditional Roman letter in angularity and versatility with this, the latest in a long line of workhorse text families. In seven weights, complete with italics, Mangan progresses in contrast from a quite linear Extra Light to a notably modulated Heavy.

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Jost Hochuli for abc litera

Allegra creates a kind of magical texture with its dynamism of form and natural expressivity. Should your project require an unmistakable differentiator, be sure to take a look at the alternate g.

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Manushi Parikh for Indian Type Foundry

Begum's luxurious flare serif caps are reason enough to need this typeface. The ornately drawn letters originate from types developed in the late Dutch Renaissance, updated for contemporary usage, and are possessive of an unmistakably cosmopolitan and well-traveled sophistication.

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Gayaneh Bagdasaryan and Vyacheslav Kirilenko for Brownfox

An unexpected place to find reversed contrast, Gerbera takes on classical proportions like Futura and other early geometrics, but differs from established norms in a way that's subtly fresh. And since it's from Brownfox, the basic package covers Western & Central European, Turkish, Baltic, and Cyrillic-based languages.

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Demos® Next

Gerard Unger for Linotype

The Demos story begins around 1975 with Gerard Unger's first digitally produced typeface — indeed one of the first digital text faces — made for reproduction via CRT photosetting. A robust design made to withstand the distortions inherent to its environment, the face has held up surprisingly well over the past 40 years.

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Francisco Gálvez for PampaType

It is clear that a steady brush designed the first half of Amster. It is in the second half where we see the speed at work, creating sharply cut, ready to print display type that amazingly tones down its exuberance on the press at a size to serve as fully functional body text.

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But that isn't all …

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