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Stand Out From The Crowd

December 20, 2017

We’re delighted to feature the gorgeous Trade Gothic Display by Lynne Yun, one of the newest designs for the Monotype Studio. The two styles add colour, flexibility, and versatility to any project.

Based on the Trade Gothic® Condensed Heavy design, Lynne Yun has created two new beautiful display styles that can be mixed and matched to produce a plethora of prettiness. Layer up with the striking and impactful Trade Gothic Display 1 (embossed) style to make your text leap out from the page. Or add a touch of drama with shadows and depth using the Trade Gothic Display 2 (beveled) style.

You can get 50% off until January, 20 2018.

The original first cuts of Trade Gothic type family were designed by Jackson Burke in 1948. Over a period of twelve years he continued to develop and expand the family. Unlike many other sans serifs the structure is not uniform, but this just adds to its charm offering a more natural feel.

You can get 50% off a range of packages including the Trade Gothic Next Basic Family Pack, the Condensed Value Pack, and the Compressed Value Pack until January, 20 2018.

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