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24 Hours Flash Sale

TypeType is having a FLASH SALE! TT Commons Pro along with the its perfect pairings TT Bluescreens, TT Marxiana, TT Ricordi or TT Ramillas, are all 65% OFF. They are on SALE for 24 HOURS ONLY — Don't let this deal pass you by, shop now!

TT Commons Pro

TT Commons Pro is a completely redesigned font family that now offers even more functionality and is even better adapted for today's use. First, the font height has been increased by 11%, and now the capital letter height is 700 points instead of 630 in the classic version. This is done so that the font fits better in the place of system or other modern fonts.

Secondly, for the PRO version, we revised ALL characters in the font, corrected all the outlines, edited the shape of some characters, improved diacritics and small caps. In addition, we completely redid the weight distribution in the font family, expanded language support, and also redrew all the family’s italics from scratch and did completely new hinting.

And most importantly, we decided to significantly expand the functionality of the font and added two new widths: narrow and wide. Thus, TT Commons Pro has become a truly ultimate workhorse, with which you can solve any problems related to layout, printing, design, branding, use in the web and applications. And of course, we haven't forgotten about the variable version of the font. For TT Commons Pro we have prepared a variable font with three axes of variability: width, thickness and slant.

TT Common Pro is designed by Ivan Gladkikh, TypeType Team, Pavel Emelyanov, Marina Khodak, Yulia Gonina, Kseniya Karataeva and Antonina Zhulkova in 2021.

Styles: 61
Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: TypeType

TT Common Pro Complete Family Pack: 469 USD 65% OFF—164.15 USD
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TT Bluescreens

We are glad to present to you a completely updated TT Bluescreens 2.0 font family. TT Bluescreens is a narrow neutral geometric grotesk designed for posters and headlines. Our updated TT Bluescreens has a calm nature with a neutral design of letters. The typeface has become more versatile and is now great for working with both headers and test arrays.

TT Bluescreen is designed by Ivan Gladkikh, TypeType Team and Yulia Gonina in 2015.

Styles: 18
Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: TypeType

TT Bluescreens Complete Family Packy: 135 USD 65% OFF—47.25 USD
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TT Marxiana

The TT Marxiana project started in the late summer of 2018 and from the very beginning went beyond the traditional projects of TypeType because of the importance of preserving the historical identity. Since up to this point, we had never before reconstructed the font from historical paper sources and with such a level of elaboration and attention to detail, it took us two years to implement this project.

TT Marxiana is designed by TypeType Team, Marina Khodak and Anna Tikhonova in 2020.

Styles: 4
Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: TypeType

TT Marxiana Complete Family Pack: 149 USD 65% OFF—52.15 USD
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TT Ricordi

The TT Ricordi font family is a collection of three display heading serifs designed to significantly diversify the traditional font palette. Each font from the TT Ricordi family was drawn by a separate designer and has its own story. With that, all three fonts are close in thickness and similar in their character compositions and are featured in the uppercase set and the small capitals set, which replaces lowercase characters. The fonts have the broad support of Latin languages and support basic Cyrillic.

TT Ricordi is designed by TypeType Team, Marina Khodak, Yulia Gonina and Anna Tikhonova in 2021.

Styles: 3
Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: TypeType

TT Ricordi Complete Family Pack: 90 USD 65% OFF—31.50 USD
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TT Ramillas

TT Ramillas is a fully reconsidered high contrast transitional serif, which is perfectly adapted to modern realities and requirements. When starting this project, we wanted to try to draw a modern serif with the precisely verified shapes, high contrast and detailed elaboration of each character. The visual features of TT Ramillas are high contrast, small flared serifs, variable slope of ovals, open aperture of signs, contrasting thin nodules and no drops.

TT Ramillas is designed by TypeType Team, Pavel Emelyanov, Marina Khodak, Yulia Gonina and Kseniya Karataeva.

Styles: 20
Family Package: ON SALE 65% OFF
Published by: TypeType

TT Ramillas Complete Family Pack: 199 USD 65% OFF—69.65 USD
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