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Typodarium, your daily dose of type

December 22, 2014 by
Yves Peters
Yves Peters

These are the final days of 2014, so it is high time to consider which calendar to get for the new year. The tear-off calendar that has become a fixture on any self-respecting typophile’s desk or wall is Typodarium, which makes you discover a new typeface every day. It is the secret weapon against typonotony, a (fortunately) curable form of typographic monotony, frequently manifested through the constant use of always the same font (in most cases Helvetica).

You know true typography buffs by their collection of little boxes that can be found in desk drawers or on library shelves – 9 by 12 cm in size, in striking colour combinations: neon green and orange, bright blue and pink, chrome silver and navy blue, … These boxes are filled to the brim with small sheets of paper featuring original typefaces, a different design for every day. They are the creative professional’s nectar and ambrosia, trusty companions for typographic thinking outside the box. Well, the pages are actually inside the box, but the thinking is outside… whatever, you know what I mean. Because no Typodarium truly dies, it just gets a second life on earth.

Even before its handy reincarnation, the chubby little calendar is there for you offering daily typographic inspiration straight from your desk, your kitchen table, or even your wall. It delights professionals, surprises novices and gives anyone and everyone a taste of the gorgeous diversity of modern typeface design. For seven years now, the Typodarium has proven to be an invaluable asset for all types of type aficionados all over the world!

Typodarium 2015 boasts 365 typefaces by 223 designers hailing from 31 countries. Its pages are printed on both sides: on the front a new typeface design for each new day, and some information about its creation or inspiration on the back. This year’s colour palette is inspired by Mexico. Typodarium’s vibrant pink and resplendent yellow will beam fresh exotic inspiration like brilliant sunlight to your desktop. The selection was curated by a jury of type experts – internationally acclaimed French typographer and designer Philippe Apeloig, the “enfant terrible” of German typeface and graphic design Alexander Branczyk, hand letterer and type designer Martina Flor, FontShop’s own Ivo Gabrowitsch, and graphic and communication designer Mario Lombardo have all done their bit to make you, too, beam at the sight of a new typeface every day.

Typodarium 2015
with a fresh font for every day

Editors: Lars Harmsen, Raban Ruddigkeit
Publisher: Hermann Schmidt Mainz
Format: 8.5 × 12 cm
Language: English
Packaged in a sturdy collecting box for archiving the type samples
EAN 4260172810463
Price: 16.80 Euro

Buy Typodarium 2015 in the Slanted webshop.

A little over a week ago the Call for Entries for the 2016 edition of Typodarium was announced. If you are a typeface designer of font foundry you can submit and upload your design(s) immediately on the Typodarium 2016 website. Each participant can reserve up to 5 days and upload their fonts. As you can see on the overview there are still plenty of days available. Yet don’t let this lull you in a false sense of security: every year the available spots tend to suddenly disappear very fast. You can submit until January 17th, 2015.

Once the submission period is over the entries will be judged by a jury of type designers and experts. This year they are Jean François Porchez (Typofonderie), Sibylle Hagmann (Kontour Type), Zuzana Licko (Emigre), Jonathan Barnbrook and Anıl Aykan Barnbrook (Barnbrook), and Prof. John Bergerhausen (HS Mainz).

Don’t miss out and join the annual roster of Typodarium.