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Valentype 2014 | The Gallery

by Yves Peters

This is the dedicated gallery with all the submissions for the Valentype 2014 contest.

To avoid clogging up the original Valentype post this separate dedicated gallery will showcase all the submissions. New entries will gradually be added in chronological order as they come in, so bookmark this post and come back often. Feel free to comment on the love declarations, but please remember to remain courteous at all times. And remember – the deadline is this Friday, February 14, on Valentine’s Day.

February 8

1 | Shiva Nallaperumal (Baltimore, MD, USA) loves FF Beowolf

2 | Léa Fabreguettes (Vincennes, France) loves Chapitre

February 10

3 | Alexandre Fernandes Resende (Macieira de Sarnes, Portugal) loves Volupia

February 11

4 | Anton Bolin (Brottby, Sweden) loves Trim, the typeface without edges

5 | Arno Kathollnig (Villach, Austria) loves Fan Script

6 | Zita Major (Reykjavík, Iceland) loves Olicana

Fedra, oh Fedra, you are the one I want… Fedra, oh Fedra, whether A or B, you are perfect.

Fedra, oh Fedra, you were too dear for me I had to satisfy my craving for you by settling for Brioni…

7 | Bert Vanderveen (Enschede, The Netherlands) loves Brioni…
Because Brioni is not carried by FontShop this entry unfortunately cannot win.

Oh Klim, you New Zealand wonder
I loved National
and to make it mine,
I spent my yearly allowance.

But then you drew Founders,
an even better Grotesk…

Now I am ‘in dubio’
stay National or go Founders?

I have the one,
I want he other.
What’s new?

For a future without my girl
either will do.

8 | Bert Vanderveen (Enschede, The Netherlands) loves Founders Grotesk
Because Founders Grotesk is not carried by FontShop this entry unfortunately cannot win.

February 12

9 | Johs Krejberg Haahr (Aarhus, Denmark) loves Brandon Grotesque

10 | Jørgen Brynhildsvoll (Oslo, Norway) loves Telefon

11 | Arno Kathollnig (Villach, Austria) loves Al Fresco

12 | Géza Sipos (Budapest, Hungary) loves Nitti

13 | Géza Sipos (Budapest, Hungary) loves Starling

14 | Gerhard Großmann (Regensburg, Germany) loves FF Milo

15 | Ivan Ukhov (Linköping, Sweden) loves Line

16 | Arno Kathollnig (Villach, Austria) loves Dark Angel

17 | David Wolske (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) loves Parry

18 | Gerhard Großmann (Regensburg, Germany) loves FF Profile

19 | Bogdan Ošep (Ljubljana, Slovenia) loves Thirsty Script
Because Thirsty Script is not carried by FontShop this entry unfortunately cannot win.

20 | Patrice Barnabé (Barcelona, Spain) loves Telefon

21 | Patrice Barnabé (Barcelona, Spain) loves Elephant

22 | Patrice Barnabé (Barcelona, Spain) loves Satyr

23 | Arvin Quilao (Quezon City, Philippines) loves Benton Sans

24 | Abhijith KR (Kerala, India) loves Tiempos Text
Because Tiempos Text is not carried by FontShop this entry unfortunately cannot win.

February 14

25 | Zita Major (Reykjavík, Iceland) loves FF DIN

26 | Guido Groeneveld (Barcelona, Spain) loves FF Quadraat
(the mathematical “squared” in Fred Smeijers’ native Dutch is called “kwadraat”)

27 | Francesco Storer (Roncade, Italy) loves MVB Verdigris
Miles away from my land there is a dead hawthorn…
People used to say a wish would come true if you stick a coin in its bark.
Nonsense, maybe it’s nonsense, but this Valentine’s Day I insert my copper coin hoping it will turn “vert-de-gris”…

28 | David Hubner (Hellmonsödt/Linz, Austria) loves JAF Bernina Sans (Compressed)

29 | Gerhard Großmann (Regensburg, Germany) loves Novel

30 | Lindsay Dawson (Syracuse, NY, USA) loves Museo Sans

31 | Beth Fritzinger (Syracuse, NY, USA) loves Aaux Next

32 | Abby Legge (Syracuse, NY, USA) loves FF Scala

33 | Xiaoxuan Liu (Syracuse, NY,USA) loves Calluna

34 | Sara Easterling (Syracuse, NY, USA​) loves Adore

35 | Kelsey Ohira Honolulu, HI, USA) loves Ano Half Wide

36 | Kristie Cordon (Syracuse, NY, USA) loves Achille FY on FontShop

37 | MacKenzie Dunsmoor (Oswego, NY, USA) loves Astoria

38 | David Wolske (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) loves Turnip

If I put a sampling square
On my burning heart,
There would be love everywhere
In the whole quadraat.

39 | Zita Major (Reykjavík, Iceland) loves FF Quadraat

That bitch takes ’em all
With her slim lines made of ink.

Such elegance should be made a sin;
For even the filthiest thoughts – Like those sung by that German in My Own Private Idaho –
once wrapped in DIN,
become as sensual and hip
as the self-estranged River Phoenix.

To us the weak, my fellow kin :
Best things are said in FF DIN.

40 | Alexandre Plennevaux (Namur, Belgium) loves FF DIN

41 | Kendra Kleeburg (Syracuse, NY, USA) loves Adore

42 | Nora Molina (Syracuse, NY, USA) loves Acta

43 | Abhijith KR (Kerala, India) loves Liza

44 | David Hubner (Hellmonsödt/Linz, Austria) loves Adria Grotesk

Source: recovered from FontFeed

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