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Letternews: Welcome Back

January 27, 2015 by FontShop Team

And we're back ready for another year of all things type, starting off with a bumper crop of some of the finest fonts to start the year with. But enough from us, let these latest typefaces do the talking.

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DIN Next™ Slab

Akira Kobayashi, Tom Grace and Sandra Winter for Linotype

DIN Next takes its design cues from the German wayfinding typeface DIN 1451, expanding the face from light to black weights, and exploring the textures of additional variants: Rounded, and now redrawn to accommodate slab serifs. The short slabs add a bit of workmanlike grit to the face, whether set in a single line or a block.

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NB International

Stefan Gandl for Neubau

NB International's strength lies in its lack of finesse. The reinterpreted realist design benefits from its idiosyncratic touches and an overall loose fit at display sizes. Its seven styles include regular and oblique cuts from Light to Bold, plus Mono.

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Liszt FY

Luis Bandovas for FONTYOU

Together with the Fontyou Team, Portuguese designer Luis Bandovas pulls from all popular sources putting together this versatile six weight family built for branding, editorial, and otherwise general use. Gothic, modernist, and humanist tastes combine.

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Carolina Marando and Alejandro Paul for Sudtipos

While each individually has its own merits, together the disparate handwritten and hand-drawn faces of the Distillery set form a persuasive harmony with carefree delivery. Made for labels and display work, the various faces offer an array of alternates and ligatures via OpenType. Get it at 35% off before January 31st, 2015.

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Kevin Thrasher

Type designers should do this more often. Kevin Thrasher's 2041 is a figure set complete with just enough punctuation, letters and symbols to cover basic monetary, math, time and temperature display work. Such a narrow focus leaves the bulk of the development to getting the shape relationships right.

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Stefan Willerstorfer for Willerstorfer Font Foundry

Sindelar's sturdy and confident physique is made for delivering news. In seven weights, with three separate text grades of Regular, each with a companion modestly-sloped italic, the layout typographer isn't left wanting for options.

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Korolev Military Stencil

Rian Hughes for Device Fonts

Korolev's new stencil variant keeps you guessing with the imaginative and unexpected placement of bridges (the cuts in stencil faces required to hold counter-forms in place). The face's constructed forms evoke the kind of lettering seen in a fanciful dream involving the labels on a Soviet spacesuit.

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Qwincey FY

Andrey Kudryavtsev for FONTYOU

Qwincey FY progresses in weight from a delicate, linear calligraphic-inspired Roman, to a one made to emphasize its high-contrast, tightly pulled strokes. Get it at 40% off before February 3rd, 2015.

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Hansom FY Superfamily

Jeremie Hornus for FONTYOU

Compact, spurless, and ever so subtly rounded, Hansom FY and its seriffed complement, Hansom Slab FY, present a personable face, somewhat tied to technological innovation. Half off until February 3rd, 2015.

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