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Gerd Wippich

Gerd Wippich

Born in 1960 near Bremen, Germany

1985-1990 Degree in Visual Communication, GhK Kassel University, Germany
1987-1994 Publishing agencies and multimedia companies (in Kassel and since 1992 in Basel)

Self-employed since 1994, from 2006 as metaphor Basel GmbH

Teaching positions:
Since 2001 Assistant Professor FHNW Institut Industrial Design, teaching Hard- and Software-Tools, Interface Design, Web Publishing and Image Manipulation

Since 2007 Lecturer at SfGA Schule für Gestaltung Aarau, Course «Typografischer Gestalter»: Web Publishing

Since 2008 Lecturer at BfGZ Berufsschule für Gestaltung Zurich, Courses «Typografischer Gestalter», «Visueller Gestalter»: Web Publishing

Since 2008 Swiss Federal expert «New Media» at Viscom, Berne

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