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Joan Carles Pérez Casasín

Andreu Balius and Joan Carles Pérez Casasín
FontFont 1997
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Andreu Balius

Andreu Balius

Andreu Balius is a type designer based in Barcelona, Spain. He studied Sociology 1980-1984 at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Graphic Design 1985-1989 at IDEP, Barcelona. He runs his own studio, specialized in type design & typography. In 1993 he launched Garcia fonts & co. type project and founded Typerware studio (1993-2001). In 2003 he created Typerepublic, a digital type foundry where he releases some of his type designs and designs custom typefaces for newspapers and corporate identities. Balius is author of the book “Type at work. The use of Type in Editorial Design”,...
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