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Mark Van Bronkhorst

Mark Van Bronkhorst

Mark van Bronkhorst has designed numerous commercial typefaces and custom fonts for magazines and corporate branding. ITC Conduit is among his most well known designs, and is one of ITC’s top-selling families.

Mark’s typeface library spans many visual styles, from jaunty handwritten scripts to handsome sans-serif superfamilies. The types resonate with the relaxed west-coast lifestyle of his home, California. His editorial work and type designs have graced U&Lc, Font Shop International, ITC and FontHaus. He’s a skilled craftsman.
In 1991, Mark founded MVB fonts and has since developed typefaces for Adobe Systems, FontHaus, FontShop, International Typeface Corporation, Warner Bros., Whole Foods Market, Fast Company, and Disney.

Many of his designs are contextualized by a historic focus, for example MVB Magenisum is based on 20th century hand- painted signage, and Sweet Sans is developed from antique engravers’ master plates. MVB Verdigris is a digital interpretation of Garamond that combines good legibility with an extensive character set.

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