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Linotype Bengali Alternatives

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Donald Handel, Nadine Chahine and Rod McDonald
ITC 2010
10 styles from $39
Petra Niedernolte and Ralf Sander
Buntype 2018
20 styles from $0
Francesco Canovaro, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli
Zetafonts 2019
18 styles from $0
Georg Herold-Wildfellner
FaceType 2020
12 styles from $0
Adam Ladd
Adam Ladd 2020
36 styles from $24
Matthew Carter, Fiona Ross, Lisa Timpe, Gunnar Vilhjálmsson and Georgie Surman
Monotype 1977
5 styles from $99
Fiona Ross, Kalapi Gajjar, Gunnar Vilhjálmsson and Linotype Ltd UK
Monotype 1977
5 styles from $99