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The FontShop Plugin CC

Experience FontShop fonts in Adobe® Creative Cloud® for free

Download our free FontShop Plugin CC to preview any of our 150,000+ fonts directly in your own design. The plugin works in Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, or Adobe® InDesign®. This plugin allows you to easily try out typefaces and find the perfect ones for your project.

Download our free FontShop Plugin CC to preview any of our 150,000+ fonts directly in your own design. The plugin works in Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, or Adobe® InDesign®. This plugin allows you to easily try out typefaces and find the perfect ones for your project.


You can install the FontShop Plugin CC for free on the Adobe Marketplace.

Get the Plugin


You will need an active internet connection. 
1. In the Creative Cloud desktop app, make sure that “Sync” for files is turned on under Preferences.
2. Go to the Adobe Add-ons website and install the relevant plugin
3. You might have to close and reopen any running Adobe applications before the plugin appears under Window > Extensions > FontShop
If you have problems with installation, please refer to our FAQ below or visit the Adobe troubleshooting guide for Adobe Add-ons.

Getting Started

1. Open Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator.
2. Open your application. Go to Windows > Extensions and choose “FontShop”.
3. The plugin panel will open.

Finding Fonts

Enter a search term in the search box (font name, designer name or foundry name), or choose a category from the dropdown at the top of the panel.

Lists of relevant fonts will appear in the panel. If you want to see more, just keep scrolling. At the bottom of the panel, you will find back and forward browsing history buttons.

When you roll-over a font, you will see a number of additional controls. If there's a right arrow icon, you can “open” a family to look at the styles. There's also a button for finding similar fonts.


Once you’ve got the hang of finding fonts, you’re ready to try the real magic of the plugin – the preview function.

Open a document containing some visible text fields. If you want to preview for specific fields, select them.

Now pick a font in the plugin (you can click the eye icon or simply the image of the font). After a moment, you will be given some preview options. You can choose to preview for one or more selected / “active” text layers, or for layers that are in a particular font.

Choose one of the preview options. In a few seconds, preview images should appear in your document while the corresponding text layers are made invisible. The preview images should match the original text fields in terms of color, approximate size and position. Even effects such as drop shadows or bevels should be applied to the preview images.

Note: There are limits on the maximum size (256pt) and number of renders (12) which are allowed at any one time.

Clearing Previews

You can clear all preview renders by clicking “Clear All” at the bottom of the plugin panel. You can also clear previews for a specific font by clicking the X icon which appears beneath it on rollover.

Previewing History

Once you’ve started previewing, the plugin will automatically remember the fonts you’ve tried. You can view these recently-used fonts by pressing the “Recent” button at the top of the panel.


You can also collect your ”liked” fonts by pressing the heart icon which appears under each font image in the panel on rollover. Click once to “like” a font, or click again to unlike it.

Your likes can be browsed by clicking the “Likes” tab at the top of the panel.

More information and purchasing Fonts

Once you find a typeface that works for your design, simply click the shopping cart icon to buy the font on FontShop.


To access plugin settings, click the little down arrow in the top right-hand corner of the panel, and choose “Settings” from the menu.

In the view that appears, you can change the following settings:

1. Sample Text
Choose an alternative preview text for the font listings in the plugin panel.

2. Preview for selection only (Expert feature)
If you turn on this feature, the plugin will only consider selected text elements as candidates for a preview. If you are working with a complex document with many layers in Photoshop, this would make previewing considerably faster.

3. Fast Preview Clearance (Expert feature)
This is another feature which makes working with complex photoshop documents much more comfortable. With fast preview clearance, the plugin keeps track of the previews you have inserted in your documents and is able to remove them quickly by avoiding a time-consuming scan of the document beforehand.

4. Show tooltips
Once you know your way around the plugin, you may find the informational tooltips superfluous or even annoying. You can turn them all off with this feature.


We strongly recommend saving and backing up your work before use.

If you work with a lot of layers, previewing (and removing previews) can take a few seconds. If you work with very complex documents (e.g. more than 500 layers) or on older, slower hardware, you may want to create separate and simplified documents for previewing with the plugin. If you have a question, please take a look at the FAQ below.

If your question remains unanswered, get in touch with us.


I am not using the Adobe Creative Cloud yet. Is there a version of the Plugin for Adobe Creative Suite programs?

Yes, there is an earlier version of FontShop Plugin for Adobe® Creative Suite® programs (CS5, CS5.5, and CS6). However, this version will not be further developed. Please take a look here.

Can I control linespacing, tracking, or OpenType features?

Not yet. Currently, linespacing should reflect the linespacing in the original text field. All renders will apply some standard OpenType features when available (including kerning, ligatures and contextual ligatures).

Can I sync likes with my FontShop favorites?

Unfortunately not yet.

The plugin’s not working. What can I do?

Visit the Adobe troubleshooting guide for Adobe Add-ons or let us know. Please describe the problem you are having in as much detail as possible, and tell us whether you are working on a Mac or a PC, and what your application version is.

Preview renders do not match the original text fields in terms of size and word wrapping. Huh?

The FontShop Plugin CC is a previewing tool, designed to give you an impression of how fonts may work in your designs before you buy them. It does not have the precision of a production design tool. Previews cannot be 100% accurate, and of course, fonts have varying characteristics such as width which can make substitution unpredictable. If you are using paragraph type, you may get more predictable results by either converting your text field to point type, or specifying line-breaks manually and creating a very wide type bounding box for your paragraph.

Can I work with the plugin offline?

No. The plugin requires a network connection to access the FontShop servers which provide the renders and the font listings.

What about rich text fields containing multiple fonts and formatting?

The plugin will only render previews in a single style. It will use the first style it finds in a text field. Therefore, color, font size, and font changes within a text field will be ignored.

Why do my font previews look pixelated / fuzzy in Illustrator?

The FontShop Plugin CC provides bitmap (image) previews rather than scalable vector previews. Your previews should look fine at 100% zoom. If you zoom in closer, they will pixelate.

Why can’t I just “Undo” previews?

Indeed this would be nice, but there is currently no reliable way to undo a previewing (or clearing) action with a single keyboard stroke, or by stepping back once through the undo history. When the plugin inserts or clears previews, multiple actions are added to the undo history. Always try to use the “clear” buttons to remove previews from your document.