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Saad D. Abulhab

Saad D. Abulhab

Saad Abulhab is an independent researcher and a frequent writer in the fields of Arabic script history, typography and computing. His involvement in Arabic type design and computing started in 1992 with special emphasize on non‐traditional styles. Born in Sacramento California and raised in Iraq, he was formally educated as an electrical engineer and librarian and had served for more than two decades at major research and academic libraries in New York City as a business, science, and Arabic librarian and as a library technology administrator.
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Arabetics is a New York based private foundry and consulting firm specializing in
Arabic fonts and lettering design, and related Arabic typography software solutions. It is best known
for producing innovative and inspiring simplified Arabic fonts to support a broader script computing
and typography applications. Arabetics was founded in 2003 by Arabic type designer Saad D. Abulhab
who had introduced earlier the US Utility Patent awarded Mutamathil Type Style, the underlying
design template behind most of Arabetics' fonts. The Mutamathil design style aims at producing
quality extended Arabic fonts to diversify and enrich users typographic options while addressing, at
the same time, the Arabetic scripts challenges of literacy, education, economics, technology, global
competition, as well as style and legibility.

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View End User License Agreements for Arabetics
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