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Designer Fabrizio Schiavi says:

“Designing fonts for me is to fill a void in the primary context of design. Let’s say: do I feel some fonts available are not enough economic/readable on screen for its excessive width? So I try to create a typeface with better screen usability, maybe good for print as well, enough to be used at unexpected sizes: Sys™.

Do I feel a lack of condensed and monospaced commercial type for screen usage? Then I challenge myself with Pragmata™, to obtain a face that allows me to read better my e-mails and codepages.

Has the creative freedom design achieved in the 1970s faded away with a ‘totalitarian’ comeback of Helvetica? Then I design Eco™ and Eco-nomico™, fonts/tools born out of my desire for keeping a continuity with that freedom.

Even while designing ‘aseptic’ faces like CP Company™ I never miss the opportunity to experiment with unusual forms and stylistic combinations. After all, designing typefaces for me is a way to break down a limitation I perceive, as well as expressing myself in the process.”

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Fabrizio Schiavi

Fabrizio Schiavi

Fabrizio Schiavi is a multi-disciplinary designer who designs typefaces, web sites, brands... in short, everything useful to communicate. His clients include Ferrari, C.P. Company, Mandarina Duck, Philip Morris, Expanded Music, MTV, Nike, Stone Island, Beretta and many others.
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