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Hiba Studio has published 23 typefaces from 3 designers

Hasan Abu Afash is educated as an engineer and developed an interest in Arabic type design later in his career. He started Hiba Studio in Gaza-Palestine in 2007. Among the Arabic fonts Hasan designed are Hasan Alquds in cooperation with Mamoun Sakkal and Hasan Hiba, a traditional Kufi. This latter font was awarded the fifth place in the category Display Fonts in the first Arabic Type Design Competition organized by Linotype in 2005.

Hasan has launched a bilingual website about developments in Arabic type design and features his Arabic fonts such as Hasan Elham, Amal, Manal, Aya, Enas, Ghada and Noor. Hasan developed the OpenType layout features needed for the Arabic script system in many font projects, such as: Arajhi family, for Alrajhi Bank of Saudi Arabia; Alinma TheSans fonts, which are based on TheMix Arabic, designed by Luc(as) de Groot and Mouneer El Shaarani, for Al Inma Bank, Saudi Arabia; Jumeirah Arabic font designed by Pascal Zoghbi and Huda AbiFares for Jumeirah International, UAE; and the FF Seria Arabic family designed by Pascal Zoghbi for FSI FontShop International GmbH. Hasan also upgraded Hasan Hiba and Hasan Noor to the DecoType font format for use in WinSoft Tasmeem, now bundled with InDesign CS4.

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