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International TypeFounders, Inc. has published 275 typefaces from 49 designers
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Steve Jackaman, President of International TypeFounders, a type and graphic arts expert with over 35 years experience, started producing the Red Rooster Collection in 1990. With a team of highly-skilled type designers, typographers and software experts as the core of his production team, this foundry has produced over 700 original and exclusive typefaces.

Most of the typefaces in our collection are original designs, or they have been carefully selected and exclusively licensed for the Red Rooster Collection by International TypeFounders from the original designers, type foundries, rightful owners or heirs, such as: ABC Types, England, Alphabet Innovations/Phil Martin Collection, USA, Arthur Baker, USA, Face Collection, England, Ludlow Collection, USA/England, Foster + Horton, USA, QBF, Germany, Stephenson Blake Ltd., England, P+P Hickson, England, Darren Scott, England, Typsettra/Les Usherwood Collection, Canada, TypeSpectra/Phil Martin Collection, USA, TP Collection, USA, Hal Taylor, USA, Alessandro Segalini, Italy.

View End User License Agreements for International TypeFounders, Inc.
View End User License Agreements for International TypeFounders, Inc.
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